Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Hurt Locker

Did not like it AT ALL. In fact its been a long while since I've felt like walking out of a movie hall.

And considering how well decorated this movie was, the nearest experiance that comes to mind was the huge irritation I felt while watching 2001 a space odessey - the feeling of increasing helpless as to what everyone found in a movie that I could barely sit through.

So in a nut shell - 3 us army guys defuse bombs in iraq. The usual shaky , noisy feel of war movies is there which i don't like much. Then they have the usual mix of misplaced bravado and childlike fear you see in all war movies. Then they defuse some more bombs. And you wonder why on earth are you sitting through this damn boring movie anyway? And then they defuse a few more, and a few more gruesome ones about human bombs and all. Then towards the end, there's some intellectual shit scenes about the important things in life, ( apparently babies are the only things that make the grade) And then they just go on defusing more bombs i guess, I kind of lost the continuity there.

Anyway - story zilch, editing sad, direction sad, new momentous take on things - none, camera - gives you a headache.

Complete waste of time and money. Avoid even on tv and dvd.


Amit Kumar said...

Completes weekend quota of watching stupid movies for our family. Saw "Clash of Titans", there was no clash, no titans, pathetic bgrade-ish script, graphics, waste of cast that included Neeson and Fiennes. Infact Zues by Neeson wore such a cheesy suit that it would put Tide ads to shame. Shitty waste of 12.5 dollars!!

Tess said...

lol, I felt the same way about my 200 + 95 bucks. Argh!