Sunday, April 11, 2010

The God Delusion - Richard Dawkins

A pretty well written book, and I personally liked it a lot since I am an atheist and could see myself going - "Exactly" at various points in the book.

The book takes up the various arguments for "god" and systematically demolishes the ( usually non-existent)  proofs for them. Of course the classic cop out by the believers always is - its a matter of faith, which is supposed to trump all arguments and logic. This line of thinking is also analysed and alternatives suggested, which seem as good as the god delusion.

I guess at least reading a book like this is good to remind myself that being an athiest is an option, and there's nothing particularly "holy" about people's religious beliefs. At any rate their conviction that offences to religious beliefs trump all other offences is just that - their belief. Its a topic as open to discussion as any other, and really under no circumstances can an offence to anyone's humanity overtake an offence to someone's religion.

The insistence on refusing to discuss, and keeping a holier than thou attitude is simply a sign of keeping their head firmly in the sand. And if thats the approach the believers want to take, they really should keep their hands there too!


Guru Kini said...

Reading Dawkins's latest (incidentally my first). He is not going to be my favorite author, I can tell already. Preachy and too full of himself, his best argument seems to be make fun of his detractors in print.
I doubt if the real aim of the book was to promote atheism or say anything about God at all. Knowing his interests, I think he would only be interested in proving creationists wrong and Darwin right. He is not called Darwin's Rottweiler without reason. From the synopsis I have read, it appears it is another classic book that confuses God with religion and throws some science and logic "educate" the users too.
You don't need a insufferable bore like Dawkins to support the cause, do you ;)?

Tess said...

@guru - I thought of responding, but looking at your comment its obvious that there's no point really.

My take - I liked the selfish gene, and i loved the god delusion. haven't read the latest, might or might not like it. So I don't really find him boring.