Saturday, April 03, 2010

Crime and Punishment - Fyodor Dostoevsky

Couldn't complete this one. It was quite good in the first half or so that I read- well written passages, and a decent story line.  However I don't think I can stomach much of the heavy going poverty and misery, specially one that would go on and on- its a long book!

A student, struggling to survive in the miserably poor neighbourhood, contemplates committing a crime. There are many characters and sub plots which make the book interesting. However, as I said, the unremitting spotlight on the poverty begins to grate on the story, and I just left it midway.

The theme however is fascinating, what constitutes a crime? Is it always so easy to characterise? Does a crime remain a crime if its a culture? And then of course the second part - punishment. What is punishment - is it prevention? Or forgiveness? Or revenge? More on this another time.

Maybe I'll pick it up again some time.


Amit Mohan said...

Guess I'll hold out for the film adaptation of this one... :),2787/

Tess said...

lol, thats funny, but hey crime and punishment isn't that hard to read, just if you can resign yourself to the povery , misery and unremitting problems !

raindrops said...


I used to feel guilty about leaving books mid way. Now I just think, life is too short.

Tess said...

@Alka - I sooooo agree with that. In fact in the past year or two I've been applying that philosophy to a lot of things.

This is the only life we get, why not spend it doing what you enjoy? Why struggle though things just for some vague idea of conforming, or proving something?

As you said, life is too short!