Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The Blind Side

Saw this yesterday, thought it was ok. Worth a watch, but nothing exceptional, no not even Sandra, though I like her in most movies. 

A white lady adopts a black boy, almost accidentally, and of course there's a journey you take from there. As far as the depiction goes, it was rather touchy feely, and I have nothing against that. I enjoy my share of such movies, but I can't say they leave me feeling 'wow'

As an aside, perhaps the circumstances of the screening left a bit to be desired. Much ribbing happened about how it was illegal and stuff. I don't think I gave much of a damn about that, I mean come now, you can't have gradations of rights and wrong, and we all know we're in the wrong. What I found a bit more irritating was the whole idea putting up a "womens day" screening for "women". And I think thats where a lot of the ribbing was coming from, although I'm sure no one would say so. Perhaps if I felt so strongly about it , I shouldn't have gone. But then maybe I didn't feel that strongly about it. I've skipped meals for movies when I was on a budget. This was just a small feeling of this whole setup being wrong. No matter, I relieved my conscience by asking the fellow why, which he obviously couldn't answer, and then went ahead and watched it anyway !