Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bikhre Bimb @rangashankara

I really liked this play. I think it was well written, with the right level of dramatisation, sub texts and build up.

It starts with an author who's always written in Kannada, writing an English novel, which becomes world famous and of course earns a lot of moolah. She gives a short tv talk, taking a few pot shots about the whole english/kannada debate. And then just as she's leaving, the TV screen comes to life, and you seen another pratibimb of the author, talking back to her. As the focus seems to shift away from the language questions, to her own life and the novel, a lot of things shatter/scatter. You get the feeling that perhaps the question of language was after all tangential. In a way it is, although it connects up in the end.

I think Arundhati's acting left a lot to be desired, going rather over the top in most places, - I understand that some places needed to be over the top, but I thought most of it overdone. That was a bit disappointing since I'd heard rave reviews about her performance.  The technical aspects could also have been a bit better perhaps, the screen resolution was wrong, and the sound could've been better.

However , all said and done, I still think it was a damn good play, keeps you engaged, and also leaves you with enough to mull over!

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