Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I guess anger comes in a bell curve, suddenly peaks and then subsides. But sometimes it leaves you with questions, which keep nagging long after the anger is gone.

I guess part of the anger began with the conversation with a friend yesterday. The realisation of the fact that you might kick up a storm for using the swimming pool in your housing society. ( which presumably is for swimming , but then who knows. Maybe its meant for breeding fish.). 

The anger had probably had time to simmer down, when a recipe dumped on me left me more frustrated. I don't enjoy cooking. I tell myself to do it, the same way I tell myself to understand taxes and work on finances. These are things needed for survival, and so,  against my instincts, I try to learn about them. However I don't enjoy anyway giving me recipes when I'm not in a mood to listen to them, specially when its obvious I'm the victim by virtue of my gender. Why aren't the same recipes stuffed down the throat of the menfolk around? Even when its obvious they enjoy cooking more than me?

And yes, the onslaught remained on today. This , I could barely even believe. I have to check this , it just can't be true. All this running around, simply cause I'm married? WTF, I shouldn't have been.


giggles said...

I dont understand why you linger on with anger. Dont you feel like laughing at such things - at how narrow people's thoughts are ? Laugh it off girl, people's expectations and that too illogical ones are the last things you should bother yourself with.
And sometimes its difference of opinion, not right or wrong.
And sometimes its just for a different purpose/intent and not because it was worth it from someone's point of view.
As long as the expectations, opinions, intent and views are not yours - observe, laugh and move on.

I know, easier said than done. But just like yoga and eating fruits, this too can be a healthy habit to develop :p.

take care,
~ sonia

Tess said...

sigh yes, i know i need to laugh more, don't know if it will happen though.