Thursday, February 18, 2010

More About People by Ogden Nash

Wheew what a day! The perfect mail for today! Thanks G ! :)

        When people aren't asking question
        They're making suggestions
        And when they're not doing one of those
        They're either looking over your shoulder
        or stepping on your toes
        And then as if that weren't enough to annoy you
        They employ you.
        Anybody at leisure
        Incurs everybody's displeasure.
        It seems to be very irking
        To people at work to see other people not working,
        So they tell you that work is wonderful medicine,
        Just look at Firestone and Ford and Edison,
        And they lecture you till they're out of breath or something
        And then if you don't succumb they starve you to death or something.
        All of which results in a nasty quirk:
        That if you don't want to work you have to work to earn enough money so that you won't have to work.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Nine Stories - J D Salinger

Had last read Salinger a long time ago in school, and had been a little shaken by A catcher in the rye. I'm not sure what shook me then, whether it was the subject, the language or the precocious 1st person narration.

This collection of 9 short stories was not quite that shaking and was rather interesting. 2-3 of them( eg banafish) tended to be a bit too abstract for my understanding or taste. I quite liked most of the others, specially since they  had rather differing tones. The one with 2 old friends conversing about their lives seemed almost banal, and the "mystic" Teddy was predictable but memorable.

Overall a rather satisfying read.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010


just about describes it I guess.

As I sit here, trying to filter out the insane wails, tumbling over guilt and frustration of office work, thinking of relationships and how strangely they are built, trying not to look far ahead into the future, throttling plans, knowing they don't always come true.

As I sit here, I wonder - why are we here again? And why is it that traditionally defined problems sometimes leave me unmoved, and conventionally 'irrelevant' things leave me shaken?

As I sit here, contemplating the fate and foibles of human nature. Death, vanity, prejudice, insanity, fear,
I'm confused. Why are we here again?

Surreal just about describes it.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Song for the day..

heard today on radio,

Ik din bik jayega ..


The lady of Burma @ rangashankara

This one was also caught a while back as part of the Bangalore habba.

It was a solo performance, almost a dance drama, enacting the life of Aung San Su Kyi. It was ok, not particularly exceptional. Averagely written, averagely directly, averagely enacted.

Watchable but not very memorable.