Monday, January 18, 2010

The Park @Rangashankara

Saw this play over the weekend. It was quite decent. 3 people fight over 3 park benches. At a surface level the humourous exchanges were well written, and the comic timing was mostly spot on. Mush laughter ensued.

At a deeper level, the larger questions about space, ownership, identity and subtle human foibles so to speak were invoked, mostly quite well.  Without making it too much in your face, or making it too oblique to catch. I quite enjoyed the fun they made out of the whole "analogy" bit, bringing in some analogies, just in case you were not in a mood to read in deeper into the situation!

However there were a couple of rather jarring bits, almost unexpectedly bad, compared to the rest of the play. Luckily they were few and not too long, but they were a bit surprising. The so called "origin" of the first fellows malady was cringe inducing to say the least. Interludes of the three explaining their backgrounds seemed disconnected and forced. And the 2-3 places which tried to show the struggle and confusion in mime, sans dialogue, didn't seem to quite blend in with the rest of the tempo of the play.

But all said and done, quite an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

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Anantha said...

I want to watch this play some time..