Monday, January 25, 2010

Antigone @Chowdiah

Was seen some time back at the Bangalore habba that was happening. The play itself seemed a bit of a disappointment, realised a bit late that I'd read it in a collection of the 3 Theban plays that I have.

Antigone is the free spirited girl who's determined to bury her brother's body, which her uncle, the king has ordred to be left out to rot. 

I can't say I enjoyed reading them much, I don't think I quite have the appreciative gene for these old tragidies. At any rate the doubly adapted play also didn't seem to make it any more interesting, although there were good performances from Naseer and Ratna.

The entire part before Naseer comes on stage seemed to drag, and although Ratna was exuberant , I couldn't quite see the point of most of that part. Once the dialogue started, it seemed to lift the sagging play, and I thought perhaps there would be something to it after all, however the ending again somehow fizzled out.

Overall a disappointment apart from their individual performances.


rahul said...

Wow you've been 'play'ing it lately! :)

Tess said...

@rahul - yeah , unfortunately i haven't had a chance to act in one lately.. , specially not as an white haired character ;)