Thursday, December 17, 2009

The hungry tide - Amitav Ghosh

This one was beautiful. Lyrically and hauntingly written. In some ways it reminded me of hazaron khwahishen aisi. Not that there's any similarity in the story or themes, but somehow in the open endedness of its narration. Every time you think you can take a side, you realise there's another layer, and there are no simple answers.

An american , whose parents were from india, comes back to research dolphins in the river. And while at it, she learns a bit about the trecherous, tenous balances that consitute the sundarbans.

Whether its the people and the ecology, whether its political idealism and stark reality, whether its selfishness and altruism. The themes are evocatively woven together. And the simple truth, which is always so hard to take in - that my enemy's enemy is not necessarily my friend. Because nothing in life comes with easily drawn boundaries. And as I've said before - there are no easy answers.

A must read for sure.

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