Wednesday, December 30, 2009

3 idiots

was quite enjoyed.

To start with, its not really based on 5 point someone. It just picks some characters and settings from it, very loosely at that, and pretty much has a separate thrust, pitch and story. 2 college friends go looking for their third friend, and a lot of the story is in flash back of their college days.

Now that that part is out of the way, lets move on to the movie. Its definitely funny, and thats a large part of whats going for it. Even tho its loudly slapstick, in your face, it is nevertheless enjoyable. Various scenes are hilarious and brilliant in isolation. And for some I suppose, it will also evoke a sense of nostalgia for their college days. Not much for me tho.

However when we string it together, I wouldn't say its necessarily very even in pace, and specially the second half, has some very dragged out sequences. The baby scene comes to mind as a particularly lousy one,  and yes thats even after discounting the fact that sequences of women screaming and giving birth put me off very firmly. And actually keeping in mind the rather over the top tone of the movie, its no suprise that its got rather a fair share of over acting and preachiness. As another complaint, couldn't they really find 3 young guys to play the parts??

So yes, all in all, I'm not sure you can give it full marks on any cinematic parameters, however in terms of good old entertainment, its a must watch.

ps - I used to love Aamir Khan's chocolate looks as I was growing up. I also thought he was a halfway decent actor. But somewhere along the way, he stopped looking cute, and I couldn't find any brillant performances to hold on to. He was brilliant in patches, yes, but I can't think of a single movie, about which I could say, yes this was it. This one perhaps summarises it quite thoroughly, yes he looks cute ( not 18 yes, but still say cutely 30) and in parts he's good. However he overacts quite a bit, and I really think he's been over hyped as an actor. Wonder why I never could see that quite as clearly till now?? Hmmm, must've something to do with his looks.... !

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Very very forgettable. The only way to get any kicks out of this one, is to watch on the hall , with a bunch of other people, all very determined to have fun, and to clap and maybe whistle as each larger than life scene comes along.

Nothing else would make it worth watching, certainly nothing in the movies itself.

The hungry tide - Amitav Ghosh

This one was beautiful. Lyrically and hauntingly written. In some ways it reminded me of hazaron khwahishen aisi. Not that there's any similarity in the story or themes, but somehow in the open endedness of its narration. Every time you think you can take a side, you realise there's another layer, and there are no simple answers.

An american , whose parents were from india, comes back to research dolphins in the river. And while at it, she learns a bit about the trecherous, tenous balances that consitute the sundarbans.

Whether its the people and the ecology, whether its political idealism and stark reality, whether its selfishness and altruism. The themes are evocatively woven together. And the simple truth, which is always so hard to take in - that my enemy's enemy is not necessarily my friend. Because nothing in life comes with easily drawn boundaries. And as I've said before - there are no easy answers.

A must read for sure.

Two States - Chetan Bhagat

I'd been rather disappointed with five point someone when I had read it many years ago, having got the feeling that the writing was rather juvenile.

So this one was picked up without much expectation. Primarily since a copy was lying around and I didn't have anything else to read. Keeping that in mind, I was rather pleasantly surprised. Yes its not high fiction, and yes its full of stereotypes, and yes it is rather juvenile, but it was time pass fun anyway. Sort of like a half way decent mainstream bollywood movie, so to speak!

Not bad to spend a couple of hours, and good for a few laughs.


I guess the law of averages ( or some law or principle somewhere) must result, inevitably, in the existence of a wally for every place.

And having let our workplace wally expand out of all sense of proportion, i guess it was inevitable to take that step back.

So perhaps its now time to bid adieu, and in the spirit of festive holiday season, wish the world well, including wally.

And have a happy new year!