Wednesday, October 07, 2009

When we were orphans - Kazuo Ishiguro

Quite hauntingly written again. If the last one ( never let me go) evoked a feeling of loss, this one sucessfully evokes that sense of shifting memories. The assured self confidence about recollections, feelings, the equations with others, our sense of our place in the world... all shifting, refitting, changing.

As before, the story as such is not that important, although it expanded in a un put downable manner. A little boy's parents vanish in Shanghai. The story begins many many years later, as he's starting out as a detective in London. As he moves forward few years , and recollects a lot of those old circumstances.

I really must read "remains of the day" now, even though I didnt like the movie so much.


raindrops said...

I must read this one - I've read both the others that you mention and remember totally loving them.

I agree with what you say about the story being less important than the narrative - can't get over Ishiguro's style.

Tess said...

I think you were the one who first recommended Kazuo to me :)