Sunday, October 25, 2009

All's Well @ Rangashankara

So after many years ( !) of procrastination, courage was finally taken into hands and I ventured off to locate rangashankara and catch a play there. After some map searching, much walking, changing of buses, some wrong directions from autowallah ( which I ignored - smart me!) I got there just in time, the bell went off, exactly as I entered the audi!

The play wasn't bad - a comedy about an elderly couple living in a village, with their children living away in various cities. Plans are made for celebrating deepawali together, and things don't quite go off as plotted!

Interestingly, the elusive "comic timing" as its called, is a lot more noticeable in such plays than in movies. What makes a joke click sometimes and sometimes not? Hard to answer that one!

Lets hope more plays are caught, now that I know the route.


Anantha said...

Ranga Shankara was built brick by brick by Arundhati Nag in remembrance her actor, director husband Shankar Nag [Dir of Malgudi Days].. (hence the name Ranga Shankara..)

I've been there quite a few times, I enjoy the whole ambiance of Ranga Shankara..

Tess said...

Interesting, I didn't know that!

Yes, I enjoyed the ambience as well. Looking forward to go there again this weekend!

Gunjan said...

Why was this play theatre so hard to find?

Tess said...

lol, wasn't hard to find, I was just lazy! Its some distance away from where I live, and there aren't any direct buses.