Thursday, September 17, 2009

The unprocessed word.

In the age of the word processor
you are sending
handwritten letters
we are glad you do
like fingerprints and faces
the handwriting is yours alone
that manuscript is you
virtual reality of a flawless typescript
leaves out essentials
whispers barely heard
the heartbeats and what moves between lines
thank you for giving me
your unprocessed word
- Unknown
ps : ( If anyone knows of the poet, please let me know, I'd like to add the acknowledgement)

Openness and transparency

They seem like such favourite buzzwords in the corporate world. All this talk of the utopian little universe ( umm office) where hierachies have been flattened, levels reduced, there is free flow of communication. Both up and down. but wait, we just flattened the hierarchy right, ok then, so lets just say there's free flow of communication.

And of course there is much todo about openness and transparency.

Sometimes, some places seem to make an honest effort. To actually do things transparently.

But I wonder, if perhaps its a cultural thing, specially in India, to fight against these things. To go out of the way, to close ranks, create hierarchies, use information as power, firmly treat managers as bigger people than others, try to keep people in their "place" so to say.

I'm not saying that other countries/cultures have an inherently open or better culture. Just that here we seem to pay inordinate amounts of importance to things like years of experiance at work. We instinctively classify parts of work as lower grade ( yes my tech coolie job certainly is one of them) And an honest attempt at openness is actively discouraged. Very actively, by whatever means necessary.

All very well, maybe with our current kind of work, that is the only system that can work. Maybe assembly line sweatshops can only operate in that environment, and not in one of the utopian concepts.

But can you actually have creative output in that environment? Can you actually make the much envied "world class product" in such a setting? I don't think so. I might be motivated to keep my head above water, but beyond that.. ?

Who knows.

Monday, September 14, 2009

the female eunuch - germaine greer

a mixed bag, some stuff had me rooting - yeah agree fully. other stuff looked like lot of hot air, creating theories to explain stuff, which didn't seem to really hold up, at least to me.

Her fearless, in your face take, on a lot of areas ( specially a lot of rot that freud seems to have spewed about sexuality) was certainly refreshing. its also easier to identify with, because those are common issues, and a few decades and a few countries divide, doesn't seem to make much of a difference to its analysis.

However a lot of parts which seek to analyse work, finance, love, family etc tend to become hard to follow , identify with, and sometimes to even agree with. I think those sections need a separate detailed analysis from an indian perspective.

At any rate, i'd give full marks for the title. the eunuch, in the terms that its understood, is exactly where we're at. And the revolution is a long way coming.

A hat-trick !

3 successive days of drinking, now thats what i call a good weekend! :)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Weekend ! Time to get to work!

uff, no matter how many chores I plan to finish during the weekday itself, the weekend seems to accumulate tasks, just like the window sills accumulating dust ( ah one more chore, grrrr!)

oh well time to stop whining and get down to it... groan.

Sunday, September 06, 2009


so so. although i like both angelina and clint eastwood, somehow there was nothing extraordinary in the movie.

good , but just about.


Was watched after much planning, unplanning, replanning and plotting :P

Over all it was a bit of a disappointment. Onkara and reviews had raised expectations a bit, and I'd say it was a bit of a let down due to that.

It has its moments of brilliance, but I really found it uneven. It would start to get interesting, and then suddenly there were rather bollywoodesque slow scenes/concepts and then it had to start all over again.

However over all , if you forget the weight of expectations, and the rather irritating ending, and the tributes to bollywood, it still is a pretty fascinating movie.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

why why why?

just feeling soooooo frustrated, i could scream. ok correction i did scream, quite a lot, but i guess i shouldn't have. the workplace is always a precarious place, and i've never been good at playing the games that need to be played.

deep breathing and drinking water is certainly not helping. so let me repeat the only adage that sometimes helps to explain the inexplicable:

"When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion".

And that i suppose is the only answer i can get.