Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Star Trek - The Future begins

I've been a fan of the series ever since nn got me hooked and we watched all the voyager seasons, over the past 2 years. And then started working our way back, watching the "next generation" seasons these days ( Still not seen the original series tho). Also caught a few of the enterprise episodes on TV.

However, I've never enjoyed the movies quite as much, although I've seen just 3 of them (Hated "insurrection", found "first contact" to be avg at best) And I guess in spite of the good reviews of this one, it felt a bit of a let down. The beginning was Awful. I hate scenes of women giving birth, and if you drag the damn thing for almost a minute and inter cut it with a dying father, what can i say, even old masala bollywood could have done better. The story was passable. The acting decent. ( although, having never seen Kirk , Spock or Scottie, I can't say whether they lived up to the living legends. however in isolation they were not bad) . And it had its funny moments.

I guess at the end of the day, what makes star trek tick for me, is the nuanced approach it took to alien life, to the way it often picked up topical issues , to its colourful characters, its humour. ( In fact various episodes deserve full length reviews of their own. )
And all of that is rather hard to put into a movie. At the end of the day the movie becomes a more formulaic evil-person-out-to-do-something-bad--good-heroes-save-the-day. Within that formula, you can make a decent movie, and in a star trek setting, it makes it more fun. But I wouldn't say it lifts it much higher than any other movie of the genre.

So all in all, I'd say ok, not bad, and for star trek fans, a definite watch. But I'm not promising the earth, or even Vulcan!

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