Sunday, May 17, 2009

North Country

Caught this a few days ago, during one of my usual insomnia guided tv surfs. Had never heard of it before, but it got me hooked till the end. 

Its not an exceptional movie. However its got a heartbreaking depiction of the hardfought battle by a bunch of women for the right to work on equal terms. Apparently it was loosely based on a one of the first successfully fought and won sexual harrassment cases. Although it tends to get rather overly sentimental in places, specially towards the end, where it seems to pretty much disintergrate, I was willing to forgive that, and cried every bit of the way with Charlise Theron.  Some of the scenes were handled really beautifully, for example the shots of the laundry, and the questions they raise about unpaid labour. It would've been good if they'd removed the whole irrelevant last 15 minutes, and instead used that time to build a few credible men in the initial phases, could've uplifted the movie massively, from simply being a bit of black and white fight, to a more nuanced real life depiction. 

I'm hoping with the increasingly diverse and interesting things coming out of the bollywood stable, we'll get to see some of the philadelphia/ erin brockovitch/ north country genre sometime soon! 


Amit Kumar said...

Tough luck with this genre. Let alone investigative angles, court room drama is literally a drama in hindi movies. We cant even match a comedy like "My cousin Vinny". 90s were so pathetic that people hailed movie like Damini which was at best an average movie. Though i think there are gems waiting for us in archives about early cases around abolition of Zamindari system /princely states or even a remake of Nanavati Vs State. Anurag Kashyap/Vishal Bhardwaj listening.

Tess said...

yes, there's really a wealth of material. ( damini was like you said, average at best!)

The wide canvas the courtroom drama gives you, along with the opportunity to dig in beautifully into history, sociology etc is just without compare. Things like Bhawal Sanyasi are just perfect for mining. And I'm sure they can do a better Nanavati now than Sunil Dutt.

Well after things like Johnny Gaddar ( another genre I hadn't expected bollywood to tackle well) I am hopeful! :)