Monday, May 04, 2009

A clockwork orange.

Didn't like it much.

Again, during this, there were places where I got the dragging feeling of 2001. 

And then I guess part of the hoopla was about the "rape and violence" routine. But that bit was well publicised, and I wouldn't say its over the top. Of course the interesting thing there is how its presented, completely from the perpetrators viewpoint, which I daresay is why its needed the way it is. 

However, you live through the boring parts, and the cringe inducing parts, and at the end of the movie, do you wonder - wow, that raised some interesting questions? umm, no I don't. Do I ponder over the crime and punishment? Nah. Do I wonder about the free will vs conditioning debate? Not really. 

All that remains are some stunning visuals, the Kubric stare, and not much else.

I guess like 2001, this much decorated movie is pitched at an intellect higher than mine. What can I say, I found it forgettable. 

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