Monday, May 18, 2009

And lately in life..

This one from Falstaff's blog, sums it up just so perfectly, I had to quote it verbatim ..

The Game
This is the kind of thing they don't teach you at school.

All those years of waiting, hoping, wanting to learn how to play. And then you find out there are no rules, that there isn't even really a game. Just a confused back and forth with no one keeping score.

No way to tell if you're winning. Always afraid that you've lost.

And I'm really beginning to think, I'd like to take a time out. And hey in a world full of enthusiastic talented players, how does it really matter if you didn't 'play' up to your potential, if you left midway, if you're a quitter? Plus who knows, maybe there's a whistle after all, and maybe it's about to blow anyway. 


Rohit said...

You are watching so many movies these days...

quaintkal said...

wow! :)