Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dr Strangelove

So I forgive Kubric for the godawful 2001. This one was thoroughly enjoyed. Its a funny, dark movie. And tho it can seem rather technically backward ( after all its 40 years old!) , its acting and dialog leave you no scope for complaint. 

And Peter Sellers is awesome, I didn't even realise it was him in the other roles!

Its a dark comedy on a nuclear war during the old cold war days, but it has a wicked humour, and although the cold war is over, it doesn't take too much of a stetch of imagination , to see the absurdity of the situation and the people. The bodily fluids was amazing, how easily we make fancy explanations rather than accept a problem!

Now for clockwork orange next!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

beginners luck.

Baked my first cake recently, that too in a cooker, and it came out edible!! yay!!

This is what is called beginners luck. Occassionally encountered when i try something in the kitchen once in a blue moon. And sad to say, the luck doesn't stick around much.

Oh well, i'll begin something else, so there!

Monsters vs Aliens.

I love most animation movies. The characters and memorable lines from a lot of them, have passed into daily lexicon in our house, and much fun is had remembering them. I try to catch them whenever wherever, and I believed that no matter how bad they are, they're still usually paisa vasool. 

So, this one, made me do a rethink. It was actually pretty sad, there were jokes which fell flat in their faces. Characters which didn't really endear themselves - forget endear, they were actually forgettable.  And the spoofs , weren't really that spoofy. I mean hey, spoofing 101 - just taking a reference to something, does not, a spoof make. You need to take the concept a step further and show something contrarian, and hence funny. 

All in all,  a bit of a disappointment. And perhaps a wake up call - not all animation movies are unconditionally good!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

While the light lasts - Agatha Christie

A collection of short stories, and interestingly, not all are the typical detective murder mysteries. Some of the these are her very early stories, and they make an interesting read.

Also reminds me that the 6 Mary Westmacott novels which have been written off as no good by critics, are probably worth a read as well. 

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Back after the big event. 

It was good to have people I love around me, and it was great to be with him again finally, but that's about the good part. 

Finally, the public spectacle is over, the legalities having been done with, a few months earlier. Complete waste of money and effort, but there was no other way.

Someone really really needs to overhaul our marriage ceremonies, they are outdated, meaningless and infuriating. They were designed for a patriarchal, agrarian society and at least I for one am not living in one any more. 

And so many of our problems arise from that basic concept of marriage as "kanyadaan". That the girl is given from one family to another, rather than concentrating on the idea of two people coming together to share their lives. In my view, thats the basic idea of marriage, not families, and not future children. 

Yes , we managed to avoid the actual bit of it, by literally bribing the pandit. But of course one can't escape the assumptions the world makes, and the inherent treatment of woman as an object. A precious object perhaps, but an object nevertheless. It galls me to be in the company of jar and jameen in the trilogy. The whole ceremony itself needs to shift its focus from family to the couple. It would help if the pandit did not make asinine suggestions like saying "don't scold her in front of her friends". And it would massively help if the seven vows were equal, instead of taking every damn occassion to make the girl feel like she's secondary and servile.  

So for any of you who count yourself in my friends, please note the following:

1. My name ( first and last) remains what it was. So does my title of Ms. It does not become Mrs.
2. I am not automatically converted to a baby producing machine. 
3. Telling me "may you have a son" - is NOT a blessing in my book. I almost puked at a beggar who thus tried to curse me. 
4. I do not automatically resign my job and follow my husband. These aren't simple decisions, don't assume they are, simply because I'm the female.
5. Stop commenting on how I haven't changed, in terms of adding uselss chooda, mangalsutra, bichiya, sindoor on my frame.  If a symbol of marriage is needed, its needed on both parties. Think about why. If you can think that is.