Sunday, March 01, 2009

Double standards?

Ended up watching two trashy bollywood movies ( well watching is perhaps not quite accurate, glancing-intermittently-at describes it better) 

namastey london and apne. the deols pretty much make me puke. and a movie in which the girl was pressured to marry, certainly ensures that my sympathies are all on the side that the director didn't intend. 

Anyway, coming to the point, something i hadn't quite paid attention to earlier - people of non- indian origin, are seldom any good in bollywood. They are usually amoral, money minded, cruel, and,  to put it in a nutshell "EVIL". And the west is of course decadent as ever, while we Indians are the manoj kumarian upholders of civilisation.. and when the hero launches into the intense eyed description of "mera bharat" ( think manoj kumar, akshay kumar, aamir, shah rukh et al) , i shudder in anticipation.  Come to think of it, I can think of lots of such crappy movies now, shot in pretty foreign locales, always with the same theme in mind. 

hmmm.... interesting. 

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