Saturday, March 21, 2009

Contraceptives or the washin machine, which would you choose?

Ah my dear pope, my dear dear pope, why not leave the decision of what 'liberated' women, to the women themselves?? 

You've obviously had very little experiance either with laundry or sex. Although perhaps for someone of your limited abilities, it would be tough to decide, i'm sure you'd struggle massively doing any of the two, possibly you're not capable of doing either. 

As for the washing machine - its a great piece of machinery for humankind. That its even perceived to be liberating women, just means how strongly entrenched the stupid patriarchal values are. It sucks that we're still stuck doing all the laundry. Time we stopped doing it, no? 

Now contraception is the real liberator for women, if only more women used it. More on that another time. 

For now, lets just say, the pope is an royal jackass. Not only because he's laundry and sex challenged, but also, just because he apparently doesn't get any, he won't even others alone. 

Dude, go sit on your flat earth, and keep your trap shut. 


raindrops said...

Oh dear... looks like the pope is getting into more controversy than he can handle. His recent comments about the spread of AIDS in Africa and the church's non-advocacy of the use of condoms were rather silly too. Wonder what planet he lives on, surely not the one the rest of us are on...

Tess said...

yep, these high and mighty jackasses get on my nerves. You'd think they'd pick someone with sense for a post like that, but perhaps the post really needs to be pulled down from its pedestal.