Monday, March 23, 2009

Barah Aana

Very forgettable, defintely give this one a miss. 

Couldn't quite make out what the point of the movie was, where it fitted, where it was pitched. It just seemed like a jumble of scenes, loosly strung together, trying to fit in some moralising somehwere ( unsuccessfully). 

A waste of Naseer and Vijay Raj, although they tried their best. 

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Contraceptives or the washin machine, which would you choose?

Ah my dear pope, my dear dear pope, why not leave the decision of what 'liberated' women, to the women themselves?? 

You've obviously had very little experiance either with laundry or sex. Although perhaps for someone of your limited abilities, it would be tough to decide, i'm sure you'd struggle massively doing any of the two, possibly you're not capable of doing either. 

As for the washing machine - its a great piece of machinery for humankind. That its even perceived to be liberating women, just means how strongly entrenched the stupid patriarchal values are. It sucks that we're still stuck doing all the laundry. Time we stopped doing it, no? 

Now contraception is the real liberator for women, if only more women used it. More on that another time. 

For now, lets just say, the pope is an royal jackass. Not only because he's laundry and sex challenged, but also, just because he apparently doesn't get any, he won't even others alone. 

Dude, go sit on your flat earth, and keep your trap shut. 

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A mighty heart

saw it on tv today, and quite liked it. angelina is actually quite good. and its really nice to see irfan there. 

they've built up the story well, kept up that sense of things moving changing , things crowding around you. i liked the editing a lot as well. 

it helped that i didn't really remember what happened to daniel pearl. too many people, too many incidents. i guess it doesn't really matter after all. 

just a good movie. 

Fooled By Randomness - Nissim Nicholas Taleb

Quite loved this one. nn had bought it and recommended it highly, but I'd been resisting reading it, thinking it would be on the lines of freakonomics/tipping point/undercover economist. Not that I didn't like those, but I somehow didn't think I could take in anything related to economics, no matter how well hidden. It was finally started after a strong reco at work from one of the visiting colleagues.

So what a surprise this one turned out to be! Perhaps more than anything because it summarised so well many of my own credos in life. Its not so much just about " the hidden role of chance in life and in the markets" as the cover states. Its also about the acknowledgement of the fallibility of so called "human rationality". And perhaps the most important thing - the recognition of the fallibility.

Some of the things i loved:
- The whole reading too much into a thing-creating theories to fit facts, when one should be able to see that the facts could just as well be random.
- How happiness and the concept of success / achievement is mostly relative. Relative to something else.
- Alternative histories - how easily we forget these!
- The whole bit about comparing markets to the urn with red and black balls. Something I've always felt very instinctively, and been completely unable to explain to anyone, given my total lack of knowledge of them.
- The bit about OJ Simpson, again something I've often been flabbergasted to see in courtroom drama serials/movies/books. How can people forget to multiply probabilities?

Shall reread it some time later. Its that kind of book!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I can't concentrate anymore!

Sigh, please someone, just fast forward by 12 days!

Maybe I'll stop losing my hair, stop worrying and start earning my salary instead of having the sneaking suspicion that I'm just passing time.


Friday, March 06, 2009

The wrong turn.

"Damn the wrong turn!" she shakes her head angrily, negotiating the potholes,  driving back to the fork in the road. All the wasted time and petrol. And now she'd have to give explanations, on why she was late, again. "Why didn't they just give a proper map?" she fumes again. 

She crosses the fork, and as she gets back on the smooth road, a smile crinkles past the frown. "Hmm I didn't know the car could handle such bumps.."

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Double standards?

Ended up watching two trashy bollywood movies ( well watching is perhaps not quite accurate, glancing-intermittently-at describes it better) 

namastey london and apne. the deols pretty much make me puke. and a movie in which the girl was pressured to marry, certainly ensures that my sympathies are all on the side that the director didn't intend. 

Anyway, coming to the point, something i hadn't quite paid attention to earlier - people of non- indian origin, are seldom any good in bollywood. They are usually amoral, money minded, cruel, and,  to put it in a nutshell "EVIL". And the west is of course decadent as ever, while we Indians are the manoj kumarian upholders of civilisation.. and when the hero launches into the intense eyed description of "mera bharat" ( think manoj kumar, akshay kumar, aamir, shah rukh et al) , i shudder in anticipation.  Come to think of it, I can think of lots of such crappy movies now, shot in pretty foreign locales, always with the same theme in mind. 

hmmm.... interesting.