Thursday, February 05, 2009

Political forwards.. uh huh..

What do you do when someone at the workplace forwards you mails very obviously "oh poor us hindus always victims" "ah those beastly muslims" i really don't know what to say.

To start with, just in case anyone reading this didn't know, I'm NOT a hindu, in any sense of the word that most people understand.

Secondly, official email ids should NOT be used for purposes of sending out your personal political / religious beliefs. Not everyone in the "to" list might agree.

Thirdly, how exactly does one respond? These are people you work with, some of whom who might actually like and admire for their way of working. Just as long as you keep your head buried in the sand about their world views to other things in life. I'd say its not a bad way to deal with things at office. If you really want to go further, well take the discussion to a pub. ( ah there hangs another tale! ) I make a pretty concerted effort to keep my political beliefs out of the picture in discussions with people who are not really friends, and with whom one shares a professional and often tenous relationship.

And finally for those dimwits who keep inisisting, "its all true, we are only telling you "facts" like how all muslim countries are pathetic, and how all indian media is hindu bashing, well dear sirs, how would you like it if i forwarded you one sided mails on burning feminist issues, which I will very obviously see with very blinkered vision? Would you really want that stuff in your official email, from a colleague, with whom you don't want to spoil relations, but who you might disagree with?

ah, another bit of steam today that i could have done without!


Amit Kumar said...

Very True.This is despite most firms now have stringent rules around office mail.
Funny that we dont have balls to engage others in conversations on these matters. Feels like we find refuge in letting out using mails.

Tess said...

hmm, our new company seems to have a detailed code of conduct, but not sure where the email etiquette bit is buried, haven't come across it yet.

besides, I'm not sure if people really understand or care.. although for todays mail, i replied with a piece of my mind, maybe it helped that this time it was a colleague and not a manager.

Last time, I really didn't have the guts to confront my then manager, maybe I should have.

raindrops said...

Ah! I was recently confronted with the age old 'muslim population in india is growing at such an alarming rate that soon the hindus will be a minority!' I have gotten so sick of this crap, i actually dug out the census figures, calculated growth percentages and sent it back to my good friend. Haven't heard back since...

Tess said...

@raindrops- good for you! :) In my case, this one was about how the entire media is completely controlled by christians and muslims leading to a rum deal for the hindu side of the story. Now thats probably worth a long detailed discussion in itself, but i took the shortest route and replied to the effect-
" wow thats pretty cool, I'm happy its like this, because you know what - I'm not a hindu". I didn't hear back either ;)

and funnily, although tv is not even worth discussing, I'd say the newspaper i get, ironically named the "hindu" tho not perfect, is actually one i like, and if its pushing a christian agenda over a hindu one, well what can i say " go for it!"

raindrops said...


And btw, The Hindu used to be my favorite newspaper too back home.