Friday, February 20, 2009

The human side of business

2 years ago , i wrote another post with this title, and said i couldn't stop laughing.

I'm not so sure I'm amused today.

I've never had very "human" illusions about business. If you want humanity, go take up social work in a village. When you decide to take employment, at what can only be called bloated salaries, in one of the hep shot, coffee serving, card swiping, per diem giving companies, well you know what, humanity doesn't even come in the picture. And if anything, I'd say it shouldn't. Even in these days of uncertainity, and living with the rumours and knowledge of the possibility of axe falling, I'd still say some chucking out is needed. And as they say " gehun ke saath ghun bhi pista hai" and such is life. There are far too many frigging free loaders out there, and its time we stopped whining about lay offs, it wasn't only those traders repackaging bad loans who weren't doing their jobs.

However, although I'm no holder of illusions about "people are our most important asset" line of bullshit served by our companies, I do hold some expectations of civililised behaviour. Illusions. I can't say i'm surprised. But i'm pissed off. Angry. Frustrated to know, that you can lay off people, by sending them back home forcibly in cabs one fine morning. Simply because, by law, you can.

Human side, yeah, "people" yeah, CSR yeah. hah. go stick it up yours. You were always a bloodsucking parasite, you don't even deserve to be called a company. A colonial slave driver is what you always were, with your double standards, and the lovely 6 chor values you so loved to tout. And so are the useless rags which print the "best places to work" surveys.

I sure hope that if I ever have to see such a day, my company would at least have the guts to give me an advance warning, instead of slinking around like a spineless bully.


Amit Kumar said...

To err is human, our founders both left the company shrouded in mystery of some options accounting screw up, COO exited like he was working part time and Ex India head was running a side business which guess what, was bigger than his employer's size in the country. We are also in business of making sure that our employees realize that american values are far superior to their brown skinned culture. We are pre historic ecommerce company which just refused to die

Tess said...

so right.. erring is the only bit of "humanity" they understand.