Friday, January 23, 2009

Oye lucky , lucky oye

delightful little movie, and yes, I can't deny it any longer, I'm totally completely absolutely in love with Abhay! 

And yes, if you haven't lived in Delhi for at least some time, chances are, you won't like it. They've picked up the nuances so well.. the mannerisms, the mindset, and of course the speech - same to same.

I loved the way it began and ended, with the take on the sansanikhez news. I also loved the way they've used the background score with frozen acts, with the constant refrain of oye lucky. Needless to say Paresh is amazing, as he usually is, in most of his roles. 

and yes, no moralising, no neat endings, life isn't like that after all, is it.. 


Guruprasad Kini (Guru) said...

Ah-ha! You finally caught it, eh? Good work.

Tess said...

yes, piracy zindabad.. umm actually, since I liked it so much, I'll buy it once it comes out :)

Anantha said...

I have been a fan of Abhay since his debut in 'So cha na tha'. Liking him more because of his orientation towards the movies like OLLO.

my next bet is DevD..

Anantha said...

btw, im skeptical about *understanding* DevD! 'No Smoking' was a tough puzzle Mr.Kashyap.. :-/

harjot said...

I don't know if you've noticed, but the the director of this movie is a Bengali , which makes this an even more commendable effort, given the fact that Delhi Punjabis are as un-Bengali as they get. I am convinced that this guy was born and brought up in Delhi, and was thoroughly exposed to the Delhi way of life. He's also made Khosla Ka Ghosla , which is another Delhi based film.
Most Bollywood films tend to have a Mumbai flavour. Nice and refreshing to see someone using Delhi as a canvas for his work.

Tess said...

@Anantha - yup awaiting DevD, the idea seems interesting. No Smoking was tough, though I still found it interesting.

@Harjot - yes, i noticed, or at least noticed the Bengali flavour of the name, he does capture Delhi well tho, in both movies.