Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ladies Coupe - Anita Nair

Was polished off today, thanks to the holiday. It was ok, nothing great. The story is sort about that good old done to death - "woman's search" for god knows what. Not much new there, but quite readable, and I liked the ending.

The thing I like about indians writing stories set in india though, is that, even if the writing and story themselves are mediocre, its easy to relate to them, sort of blend into the narrative. Something that just can't happen with stories set in foreign lands, for no matter how much of that culture I may artificially soak in, it never is part of me, the way references to til and jaggery, or AC 2 tier , or kanyakumari are. The whole food/dress/customs/media/outlook divide which is always there with the novels set elsewhere, disappears with these writers, and I really like that.

Hopefully , somewhere along the way there will be better literary matter too!

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