Saturday, November 29, 2008

Recent reading.

Gosh its been a long while since I've put up an update on all the reading I've been upto, lets see I've almost lost count over the past months. So here's a short summary while I get back in groove:

1. Bitter Chocolate - Pinky Virani
"Good" would be a strange way of describing a book thats on Child Sexual Abuse. But it is certainly a book that needed writing, and if it leaves you with a not so nice feeling in the pit of the stomach, well thats certainly needed. That its a problem thats huge and horribly under - reported is something which we realised in our school days.
And it was funny how, when monsoon wedding came out, so many of us immediately caught on to the sub plot, simply at the first scene. No easy answers, but yes it happens, with people you'd trust, heck mostly with people you'd trust.
Essential reading for all parents. 

2. Agatha Christie
Sparkling cyanide, good wholesome fare as usual !
Black coffee - interesting, this one was originally a play, and was later adapted by someone else as a novel, nice all the same.

3. Johnny & the Bomb- Terry Pratchett
A kiddies book, but I quite enjoyed it. I guess I haven't grown up much !

4.  The Shining - Stephen King
Well written and a good read. More so, because I've never been much of a fan of the horror genre, either in books or movies. Still I thought this one was well written, and just the right mix of horrifying and good ol story telling. 

I'm sure I've read a few others recently and forgotten. Will update if I can remember. 

For now I'm taking a short break from reading. In fact I'm trying to take a short break from reading, tv and rationing internet if possible ( this is what is called a stretch goal) 

Will just try to catch my breath back, the past few months have been umm - for lack of a better word - packed. 

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