Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Quantum of Solace

Is probably so named, because thats what it leaves you yearning for, :) I doubt if poor bond got so much as a quantum of it. 

I'm not much of a bond movies fan, I tend to watch them without too much analysis, giving reason a wide berth. Like the cartoons, the Tom and Jerry's where no matter what happens, Jerry remains the same , so does Bond, not a scratch that lasts beyond 2 days.  

Its good fun tho, the whole idea of the invincible hero, taking on the baddies, decade after decade, bedding fresh females, trying new toys like invisible cars ( hmm now those were missing in this one) and generally having a blast in endless action sequences. 

Although if you ask me, I'd enjoy the cartoons a shade better , if they had a female protagonist, bedding younger ( oh much younger, no wrinkles!) males, who of course should conviniently die horrible deaths to give the correct "oh my god" feeling. And she could generally be having a good time beating up the baddies, trying new weapons, saving the hero, the world, and maybe even the romulan empire , all in a days work. 

But then as always I'm a minority of 1. Sigh too bad, no harm in dreaming that some day there'll be movies with me as target audience! 



raindrops said...

I saw this one and came out of the cinema feeling mighty stupid for two reasons - a, i thought i should have understood the movie but didn't (i later realised nobody did), and b, for blowing up dough that could very well have been spent on spicy chicken wings and daal maakhni but had now effectively gone down the drain. It made me realise how stupid i was to pick james bond over daal maakhni - should have known that that is more reliable.

Tess said...

Woman!!! what are you saying? You were trying to understand a bond movie!

They are to be watched giving reason a wide berth. A friend once remarked that they were not very different from Stuart Little ( which we'd seen just a little earlier) and I thought she was right on. Personally it was Tom that Craig reminded me of, but Tom is cute, Craig is neither cute nor sexy.

Ah well, like I said we are not the target audience for them.

Niranjan said...

I wish such a movie is made in my lifetime. That would probably be the first one I would watch!

Saravanan said...

This was a different bond movie. I love bond movies for whatever reason you have said.

Bond movies are for people like me with little brains. It is all about action. This was very high adrenaline action packed movie. It was fun. I know many people don't like it. This is not meant for everyone as you know. It has its own audience. :) (Nothing against you and raindrops). If you love action, I am sure you wont regret watching it, but as a bond movie it was a let down. There were no gadgets used by BOND. It was sad state :(.

Parag said...

Good post ... :)
When i had gone for the movie, by the time the final action part came, we were half asleep, and noone noticed that the movie was suddenly cut in between, just at the time when it was explained what the *Quantum* really is....

yeah, no doubt Bond movies are for the action lovers.. but the last 2 bond movies had no action whatsoever... the Bourne series was much much much better and I think you will agree on that...

Tess said...

@Niranjan - not in our life time I doubt it !

@Saravanan - yep like I said, as an idea they're not bad, leave brain, watch action hero, babes, kill baddies. return home with peace of mind. However I'd make a few changes to the genders of protagonists here and there if it were for me!

@Parag - well I'm not sure I agree that these two didn't have any action, but they had so little plot, ( maybe its always like that, I can't say, haven't been a religious follower). The chases and shotting off everyone was all very fine, but they just seemed like a string of sequences with very little holding them together.

I certainly enjoyed the Bourne series, they had a plot, and a sense of things coming together in the end. And a younger looking protagonist, sorry I don't like old wrinkly men like Craig when their entire raison d'etre is sex appeal. Period.