Thursday, November 27, 2008

Another day

another day, another night

the same reactions - bewilderment, dismay, anger, helplessnes , frustration, .. fury? 

i don't know what to feel anymore. or say. 

i don't think the numbers matter, or the absurd coverage. 

whats awful, is that the only allowable term for mass murders, used to be called 'war' between 'sides' throughout millenia. It was in war, that you could kill germans, burn witches, guerrila attack us terrorists. There was a side you chose, and you killed the other side. Sure there was collateral damage. But there were sides.

It is no longer so. because there are no sides. we just have hooligans, sure they invoke their dear damned religion, and  but at the end of the day, they are a bunch of trigger happy hooligans.  Of course, they are trying hard to hide that, and to create sides, and i guess succeeding. 

I'm on the fence as usual. Maybe by the end of their antics, they will manage to firmly create the sides. Then we can all live happily, hating the other side. Maybe I'll also end up falling to one side. 

And then again, maybe I won't. 


Amit Kumar said...

"We" Indians have refused to take sides, *these* people have always given us an opportunity to leave our fences for once and all. I guess *crusades* never ended, they were just lulled for last 4-5 centuries. There were just two sides then, and there will just be two sides now. People sitting on fences will be caught in crossfire. It is not about religion, it is about our ethnicity which is much more important than anything else to people (most of them). Even if we dont like it, we are bang in the middle of Islamist dream of *One Ismamic kingdom* from Morocco to Indonesia. It is upto us to decide whether we want to exist and thus retaliate or mull "rationally" for another lifetime to leave next generation as a insignificant minority sandwiched between yellow people and arabs. Anyone who is still cant make out who these people are - I urge them to do google search or pay a risky visit to areas north of islamabad right upto first outpost of NATO forces in Afghanistan.

harjot said...

Here's a Pakistani expert expressing his views on the Mumbai attacks:

The Indian union is about to disintegrate... !

Tess said...

@amit - I don't really agree with the whole idea of 2 neat sides and the clash of the so called civilisations, with fault lines at the "ethnic borders ".

yes, its impractical to try and take idealistic stands in times of war, however i don't think a religious/ethnic war is what is defined here.. yet.

@harjot - i think you started with the oxymoron anyway :P