Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Brother Nikhil

touching, nice, rather too sad, and yes a bit slow and faltering in places.

But I still love it. Its got pretty much a perfect cast ( juhi, sanjay suri, purab , lilette, victor bannerjee, it can't get any better) , can't think of anyone who didn't do full justice to their character. And as with raincoat, a second viewing lets you catch nuances you'd missed the first time around. Relationships can be complex, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, father/mother, the someone special ( yes not everyone even gets the use of the word spouse) .

Although 'my brother nikhil' doesn't explore them nearly anywhere as well as it could have done ( perhaps because it really bites off a great deal more than it can chew, and then loses a lot of steam towards the end) but it still stands head and shoulders above all these big budget, totally plastic, totally blinkered main stream hindi movies we still get. Someone give these ddlj, kkhh, qsqt, and the likes, a budget cut!


Amit Kumar said...

Economics of price discrimination - also known as spillover effect:
Film industry and consequently movie goers will suffer if every movie maker starts making string shoe budget movie. Bite this - Red Chillies (SRK and his cronies) make a big ticket movie, his movie makes a huge splash and stash, gives multiplexes some breathing space to run good movies like my brother nikhil for couple of slots in a day. If the multiplex guy was not getting crowds (they are also known as masses), classy (ahem) would not be able to take a look at any of these budget movies.

raindrops said...

ouch! I liked QSQT! :-)

Tess said...

@amit - yes yes i know, point taken! :)

@raindrops - umm , sorry , I didn't , not as a movie! only viewed dream boy there in isolation :P