Monday, October 13, 2008

Jaane tu ya jaane na

Sweet movie overall. i think it was the humour and the great support cast, which lifted it from being just another partly formula movie, to a really enjoyable one.

Its got the usual, boy girl are good friends, nothing more ( now when will we get a movie, which really really shows that such a thing is possible???) . Clear cut black and white etching of good boy and bad boy. 6-7 songs, and a fight or two later, the boy and girl realise they're in lau after all.

But the parts I totally loved were Ratna and Naseer ( poster boy? !! ) , and teeny weeny, but hilarious appearance of Paresh Rawal.

Like I'd said earlier, its really good to see genuinly funny hindi movies these days. The non - slapstick kinds!


Niranjan said...

Yes, it is a sweet movie, free of tension and the usual junk that is served in movies with similar story lines.

Tess said...

yes , I'd watched a high brow movie just the previous evening, and been totally frustrated to boot, this was just what the doctor ordered! :)

raindrops said...

I remember liking this one - and thinking Imran Khan is the next ahem ahem lover boy in town after Aamir!

Guruprasad Kini (Guru) said...

I didn't catch it yet. Waiting for the DVD.

Tess said...

@raindrops - hmm didn't quite fall for Imran, but yes, cute movie!

@guru - yes dvd would do just as well, there isn't much that really needs to be seen on a big screen, but i think its one of those movies where you laugh harder when you're with a bunch of people. :)