Saturday, October 11, 2008

2001 a space odyssey

sucks sucks sucks, as far as i'm concerned about 80% of it can be edited out, with great benefit to the viewer. 

Gosh I can't remember when I've been so frustrated watching movie before, if its bad, its usually either worth laughing over or at least walking out of. 

I did neither in the course of watching this one, with increasing blood pressure, based solely on the fact that I'd heard such good things about it on the net. I kept waiting through indescribably booooring, dragged out sequences ( if ever have to watch people walking in zero gravity for 5 mins again, i'll barf. And maybe those pretty color graphics were path breaking 40 years back, but these days you get them non stop everywhere, and surely even back then, you didn't have to go on and on and on showing swishing colors for eternity?) 

Mistake. anyway, going by the great reviews on wikipedia and imdb, i must be in minority, but what can i say, i wish i could bring back kubrick and leave him on jupiter. Argh. And more importantly, who was the editor, wait lemme check . hmm someone called Ray Lovejoy, who certainly should be on jupiter as well. 

deep breathing, thats what i need to do. 


Guruprasad Kini (Guru) said...

Yes, it can get very dry in parts. The graphics are really cool though.
In fact, most of Kubrick's work needs patience (with the exception of some of early 1950s-60s work :"The Killing", "Dr. Strangelove..", etc.)
I wonder if you have seen "A Clockwork Orange" and if you have, what are your thoughts on it?

Tess said...

hmm I'm not sure I could even appreciate the graphics, without telling myself repeatedly - this was made 40 years back. Anyway it was just a disappointment overall, I guess it was a little beyond my intellectual level!

I haven't seen any of the others. was just talking to a friend yesterday who had recommended Dr Strangelove highly, I'll see it whenever I can get my hands on it. As for A Clockwork Orange, yes I've been hearing about it for decades, still haven't gotten my hands on it.