Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Brother Nikhil

touching, nice, rather too sad, and yes a bit slow and faltering in places.

But I still love it. Its got pretty much a perfect cast ( juhi, sanjay suri, purab , lilette, victor bannerjee, it can't get any better) , can't think of anyone who didn't do full justice to their character. And as with raincoat, a second viewing lets you catch nuances you'd missed the first time around. Relationships can be complex, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, father/mother, the someone special ( yes not everyone even gets the use of the word spouse) .

Although 'my brother nikhil' doesn't explore them nearly anywhere as well as it could have done ( perhaps because it really bites off a great deal more than it can chew, and then loses a lot of steam towards the end) but it still stands head and shoulders above all these big budget, totally plastic, totally blinkered main stream hindi movies we still get. Someone give these ddlj, kkhh, qsqt, and the likes, a budget cut!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Jaane tu ya jaane na

Sweet movie overall. i think it was the humour and the great support cast, which lifted it from being just another partly formula movie, to a really enjoyable one.

Its got the usual, boy girl are good friends, nothing more ( now when will we get a movie, which really really shows that such a thing is possible???) . Clear cut black and white etching of good boy and bad boy. 6-7 songs, and a fight or two later, the boy and girl realise they're in lau after all.

But the parts I totally loved were Ratna and Naseer ( poster boy? !! ) , and teeny weeny, but hilarious appearance of Paresh Rawal.

Like I'd said earlier, its really good to see genuinly funny hindi movies these days. The non - slapstick kinds!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

2001 a space odyssey

sucks sucks sucks, as far as i'm concerned about 80% of it can be edited out, with great benefit to the viewer. 

Gosh I can't remember when I've been so frustrated watching movie before, if its bad, its usually either worth laughing over or at least walking out of. 

I did neither in the course of watching this one, with increasing blood pressure, based solely on the fact that I'd heard such good things about it on the net. I kept waiting through indescribably booooring, dragged out sequences ( if ever have to watch people walking in zero gravity for 5 mins again, i'll barf. And maybe those pretty color graphics were path breaking 40 years back, but these days you get them non stop everywhere, and surely even back then, you didn't have to go on and on and on showing swishing colors for eternity?) 

Mistake. anyway, going by the great reviews on wikipedia and imdb, i must be in minority, but what can i say, i wish i could bring back kubrick and leave him on jupiter. Argh. And more importantly, who was the editor, wait lemme check . hmm someone called Ray Lovejoy, who certainly should be on jupiter as well. 

deep breathing, thats what i need to do. 

Monday, October 06, 2008

A Wednesday.

Saw this one last week, and thanks to the universal recommnedations from almost everyone, shelled out the money to the useless innovative multiplex.

As an aside, there was a time, when I felt really bad that halls were closing down, that people tended to watch movies at home, rather than go to the hall. Now I'm resigned to the fact. There is just no way, no way at all, that the rates are commensurate with the experiance. I think I will increasingly turn to buying CDs and DVDs.

Anyway, back to the movie, it was a good movie as movies go. Good restrained acting by both Naseer and Anupam. As for Jimmy , he's done a good job, but for me he's eye candy, he just needs to be there :)

Yes the last bit of speech was a bit overdone, and could have been better. It also did not help that I guessed what was coming far too early, probably the result of having read too many mystery stories, reading too much into the hen- pecked husband incident, and knowing at some level that for so many ppl to have liked the movie , something like that had to come.

I think it also helps the movie that it has come at a time when there is such a flood of terrorist attacks that even our numbed, wearied senses have been jolted. Almost everywhere you turn, there is a sense of shock and disbelief. More so because I for one, can't quite put my finger on "what" do these people want? What do they get ( apart from the obvious money) by doing this? And then finally after a stage, comes the anger, I don't care what they want. "They" need to go. Period.

And then while we are stewing in our helplessness , along comes this.

I'm not taking anything away from the movie, which I thought was reasonably well made. But I do think that the literal wave of endorsements its got, ( mine included ) has also to do with the timing. Viewed in isolation, as nn and I had discussed, this could have been a great movie, but stopped short at being just a good movie.

WhatToWrite ??

Its been a busy 5 days, starting with a team outing , a quick trip to Delhi, another marriage, and then the ongoing discussions... There's been a ton of stuff I've been wanting to blog about, couple of books, movies, work, endings, hope for beginnings, however I find that I'm sleepless on this sunday night ( ouch monday already! aargh!) and quite unable to compose my thoughts in order to write a proper, logical , free flowing post. 

Failing which I'll scribble random thoughts instead.. 

The year and a half went past rapidly. Not something I'm very proud of at work.. but hoping that change shall be good! The team outing was fun.. I'd forgotten what an exhilerating feeling it is to whizz past on skates. Its also nice to let your hair down, and get into kiddie rides once in a while, reminded me of all the Appu ghar and Essel world days. 

Once in a while, its not so bad to almost miss a flight, and be the last one to board, just in the nick of time, grinning from ear to ear!

Cleaning out memories from a house can tell you interesting things, things  you'd forgotten about yourself, or perhaps chosen to forget. Looking at photos, cards, letters from long ago, feels almost like peeping into someone else's life, so much water seems to have gone under the bridge. That person, was that really me?? Hmm interesting, so perhaps I'm still like that, just don't realise it!

Its not easy to come to terms with the fact that some relationships have come a full circle, and the change is permanent. looking back will not help, and neither will filial guilt. 

Delhi's roads remain as they were 15 years ago, then as now, useless loafers roamed them at midnight. Then as now, I was lucky to get away alive and with my moral character (!) intact. And I have no regrets.

No ms chief minister, it is not adventurism. It is a sorry statement on your leadership that you consider ordinary citizens walking/driving on public spaces as adventurism, shame on you for suggesting such a thing, or expecting employers to provide "safety" for mid night travellers. Does that also mean that you have totally given up on those of us, who might need to use the roads for reasons other than work? The problem madam, is not police patrols, but the police personnel, who refuse to lodge FIRs. Police, who think in a certain way, of course you think the same way, and so do most of the judges of this country, and unfortunately most of my friends. 
So all I can say is, that in my view you are all wrong. Constitutionally and ethically. 

In other news, another one bites the dust! I wish her all the best, and do hope, that she will not vanish into the mists of the-married-ones, who crossed the threshold and never came back, ( there are a good number of those already!) 

A friend prepares to start sketching again, lets hope we get to see some of those famous funny cartoons soon!

And then there is the ongoing saga. Which I guess will continue for a while, lets hope it comes to a happy conclusion, the clash of ego's notwithstanding! :)