Thursday, September 11, 2008


is inevitable isn't it?

I've seen myself change over the years. And I don't mean the change of black hair to white. I had principles. And then , as I started disliking them, I had others. Groucho would've been proud of me.

I had a phase of vegetarianism, which lasted a few years. 

I staunchly believed that all citizens are equal before the state and law, and then one fine evening, a spontaneous celebration left me wondering whether its really all that wrong to have prejudices. Don't the prejudices often grow out from statistics? 
And by the same logic, I once believed that while hiring/ interviewing people for office, there shouldn't be a prejudice in favor of 'good' colleges.  And then with the same statistics logic, I wondered if it is really so wrong to be prejudiced?  

Not so long ago, I was a developer starting out at the bottom, when everything the seniors did was flawed. We laughed at the forwards which showed all the funny contradictory things the higher ups did. And then the other day, I saw one of the old forwards, and realised that my sympathies had shifted almost entirely to the much maligned senior :)

And finally, what triggered this post was the distinct realisation in the past few weeks, that I have zero sympathy left with the Amitabh and Hema of Baaghban. You set aside the caricatures of the children/parents figures that the film portrays, and with what is left, I find myself fully rooting for the children.  Would I change again in another 20 years, if I have children of my own? I hope not. 

I will perhaps write in detail on all that I feel is wrong with our "culture" of "respecting" elders. For now, I just feel a sense of relief, that I've finally broken free from the load of bull we've always been fed in this area. 

Change is good. 


Amit Kumar said...

Check this out

I spent 2 days explaining a dork logic to 2 four year experienced dudes. One of our juniors from DIT comes on Monday morning and it took him exactly 10 mins to understand what i was talking about. I was so callous and carried away that i told him and others about this :)

Tess said...

:) yeah, usual story!

raindrops said...

My sympathies are with you. Because we actually see the change in ourselves and in the world around us and try to analyse it - I am going through a similar self-evaluation in the heading towards parenthood department. Did I not just a few months back heap abuses at those who couldn't look beyond their own little pre-occupations? I guess there really isn't much that we can do except embrace the change and accept out fallibility - for better or for worse, and sometimes for neither, we sure as hell will change.

Tess said...

@raindrops - yes so true, often its neither for better nor for worse... but yes this latest change definitely makes me feel much better. :)