Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Saw it again yesterday on TV. I'd loved it earlier, and I loved it again. amazing screenplay and dialogue, good editing, decent acting ( probably the only movie where i could stand Aish).

And a second viewing shows up so many things you missed the first time around. Perhaps I should watch a whole lot of my favourite movies a second time!

the line i remembered the first time around, and which again caught attention - yeh aapka prayashchit hai... ya pratishodh? Hmm so much of the movie hovers therein!


Anonymous said...

ya even i found the movie very interesting. Seen it two-three times.A different genre altogether. very grounded

raindrops said...

I remember seeing Raincoat sandwiched between two boys who insisted on commenting on every single scene, making crude jokes and gestures! And not in the least hiding their displeasure at having to sit through it with me. I should see it again, by myself this time.

Tess said...

@raindrops - ha ha ha, that must've been some experiance! I also saw it with one boy :P , but luckily we both enjoyed it, both times!