Monday, July 14, 2008


What constitutes news? I'm not sure what news is, however I'm pretty sure about what it is not. About what should not be plastered on the so called 24 hour news channels.

I'd pretty much stopped watching the news, but still the glimpses one gets during the increment decrement round are bad enough. And for the past few days I'm actually getting to see whole minutes of them as I'm no longer doing the surfing.

There was a movie I'd watched once - Mad City, which left quite an impact. Perhaps I watched aeons ago, while I was still stupid enough to think that what came on tv was a big deal. That if someone said something "in front of millions of ppl" it *must* mean something. I think that movie illustrated quite clearly what is called trial by media. And also what is the meaning of distortion and character assassination.

Does anyone even check up on such a basic thing as cause and effect? That when you rattle off two words in the the same sentences, do they actually have any relation to each other? You'd think someone would at least wonder how mental trauma can cause paralysis? You'd think twice before labeling someone "haiwan"? You'd have at least some sense of proportion about say 10 routine brutal ( I mean brutal) murders in a village, and a random rare murder of good middle class girl in city? You'd have something useful to say when plastering a useless so called wrestlers face for 2 hours in the name of a "feature" ?



harjot said...

In this country, people have enough problems in real life to apply their minds to. So much so that most do not want to see any thing cerebral or thought provoking on television. T.V. is considered to be a medium of entertainment. So, for news channels to be commercially viable, they need to tailor their contents to meet the demands of the viewer. The same goes for movies. I can't think of many Hindi movies which would place big demands on my grey cells or even have a coherent storyline to begin with.

Tess said...

hmm, well i don't want to apply my mind mind either, but i don't think this is about that at all.

they can make you apply a great deal of mind in all the twisted ways possible. i think it has more to do with the fact that we are more interested in seeing someone brought down, than seeing something good happen. usually.