Sunday, July 06, 2008

Never Let me go - Kazuo Ishiguro

Couldn't put it down once I'd picked it up. Not that the plot was impossible to guess, you can make out similarities from cheezy hollywood movies.

But then the appeal is not about the "plot" or story, so to speak, but the way its hauntingly written.The setting perhaps is incidental, or at least not what grabs you hard. No, what holds you rivetted. is the atmosphere of something just beyond your reach, something lost, something you've always been trying to find.

And in the way you follow the characters and sometimes know just what they feel, although you have nothing in common with the "chilling jigzaw" of alternate reality thats been described on the cover jacket.

Maybe I'll try reading remains of the day as well. Perhaps the book will do what the movie certainly didn't do - grab my attention.


Guruprasad Kini (Guru) said...

What! Are you reading a book a day??? :O

Tess said...

only on weekends! :)

raindrops said...

I told you there is something to his writing! I remember reading it and really missing all my friends and school. Its that sense of loss which he creates so fantastically which makes you identify with the characters despite the obvious dissimilarities. I read 'the remains of the day' fairly soon after finishing never let me go. Here again, there is the sense of what-could-have-been, the 'its not bad the way it is but could it perhaps have been different?'

Tess said...

so true! :) I think it was your recommendation which made me pick up the book. Shall pick up remains of the day if i get hold of it.