Sunday, June 22, 2008


I guess this is an example of what is called- non - linear narration, a rather interesting technique. The story starts at the chronological end, and works its way backward, taking you through interesting questions about "memory". The main protagonist suffers from a "condition" as he calls it - he remembers things clearly up to the day of a head injury , after that he can not make any new memories, everything fades away.

Good movie. Sort of a whodunit. Keeps you guessing from the beginning and doesn't let you down in the end!


Saravanan said...

Check out "Vantage Point", It is kinda different. You may like it.

Anantha said...

The movie, Eternal sunshine of a beautiful mind has some what similar technique/plot.

Tess said...

thanks for he reco, will check it out.

yes, you're right. Although I must say, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind was a bit beyond me.. not sure why. I should watch it another time i guess!