Friday, June 20, 2008

Cheezily bad Movies

So having watched a great deal of good hindi movies in past 2-3 years, i watched a couple of classic horrors on tv recently.

Started with Sharabi, and it was roaringly cheezy. Ek gana khatam nahi hota tha, ki doosra shuru ho jata tha. And of course got to see that typical naari with pallu firmly in grip.

next was Aan - men at work, which didn't seem to be a movie at all, just a collection of well known actors in different scenes. Or possibly it wasn't meant for someone of my limited IQ. I just couldn't cope with it, and had to run away from the tv and hang my head in shame.

Today was Suryavansham. Rib ticklingly atrocious. Old men, young women, pallu in hand, ( ah collector woman too - wat a pragressive movie i say!) and everyone hung up about sons and vansh. Bah.

Makes me remeber why hindi movies once made me puke. Full of caricatures of ppl, rubbing in the same society in your face, that you'd rather escape, and not an iota of creativity in sight.

Good thing I live in the times I do!

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