Monday, April 28, 2008

Whats the point of it all?

One of those days, or perhaps weeks/months/years, when life seems empty and meaningless. ( yes yes, I guess this is when I should enroll for the advanced course of the landmark forum , but i guess my first session's fiasco, i guess i'll give it a miss.)

A combination of star trek, elizabeth costello, a friends blog and some vella time on hand, have me pondering - whats the point of it all? The march of civilization , the daily existentialist angst, the rat race, the progress, the fulfillment of potential or lack of it?

The questions start small as always -

Self 1 - i'm sick of work/ home.
Then of course one goes into analysis mode -
Self 2 - so tell me , help me understand this - why am I sick of everything?
hmm , why indeed ?
Self 1 - Its because I want "something else"
Self 2 - I see, and what exactly is this "something else? " Why is it needed?
Self 1 - its, umm , its a change to.. well i'm not sure really, just something else which will make me happier, and well yes happier.

after that its all downhill. From what defines happiness and is it that important anyway, down to are we any happier now than we were a 1000 years ago, and then down to what is the purpose of life after all, its just a 1 second journey. Its a journey I've often made, and haven't found it take me anywhere.

So i'm where i started out.. whats the point of it all ? No answers..


raindrops said...

Quite obviously we are thinking alike! i envy so the assurance and faith so many around me have - their ability to draw joy out of making a meal, arranging some flowers, going for a walk, petting a cat... I cannot explain this restlessness. But yes, the hugs help - they are perhaps all that I haven't become resistant to yet.

Niranjan said...

True meaning of life and happiness are all well documented.. but it takes a very spiritual and strong mind to go through them, understand and practice in real life. For mortals like us, true happiness can be felt when we do something for some other person without expecting anything in return....

Anonymous said...

I feel the exact same way, many a times. Many many times. I keep pondering, thinking, I don't like this. I need a change, but what would that be ? What should I do ?

Then, I go into a loop of, maybe, I should have done this, maybe, I should have done that.

Finally, I let myself go on and on, about doing things that I am stuck with, ofcourse, I know not with my fullest potential, I know I am guilty. I tend to think, maybe, I should give whatever, I do, my best.

Then, I end up with the one question, what's the purpose of it all ? What's the purpose !


Tess said...

@raindrops - yup the inexplicable restless..

@niranjan - i'm not sure i find much joy in altruism, and the spiritual and strong mind is certainly not mine double sigh!

@R - yes give whatever you do your best, thats a philosophy to keep us going, even if without answers..

veena said...

the existentialist also could not find any meaning, so then we move on to nilhism.

I guess its for us to draw a meaning for our individual life. Else Just enjoy life as it passes, so that in our old age we can atleast say with contentment that i made an effort. If it didnt come back, well we were plain unlucky!!

Guruprasad Kini (Guru) said...

Hmm. I remember spending a lot of time on similar musings in the wild days of my youth. I did arrive at 2 conclusions:-
a) Civilisation stopped when man settled down and agriculture was invented/discovered. So what were are doing and will be doing will be shit anyway. In the cosmic sense, that is.
b) To get over that occasional disgusting feeling that shit is what we are contributing to, alcohol helps.

Tess said...

@veena - yes enjoy life philosophy is a good one, but its not always enough to shut out the occasional nagging question ..

@ guru - don't know about 1) but yes I'm all for alcohol, with or without the disgusting feeling! :)