Monday, April 28, 2008

Whats the point of it all?

One of those days, or perhaps weeks/months/years, when life seems empty and meaningless. ( yes yes, I guess this is when I should enroll for the advanced course of the landmark forum , but i guess my first session's fiasco, i guess i'll give it a miss.)

A combination of star trek, elizabeth costello, a friends blog and some vella time on hand, have me pondering - whats the point of it all? The march of civilization , the daily existentialist angst, the rat race, the progress, the fulfillment of potential or lack of it?

The questions start small as always -

Self 1 - i'm sick of work/ home.
Then of course one goes into analysis mode -
Self 2 - so tell me , help me understand this - why am I sick of everything?
hmm , why indeed ?
Self 1 - Its because I want "something else"
Self 2 - I see, and what exactly is this "something else? " Why is it needed?
Self 1 - its, umm , its a change to.. well i'm not sure really, just something else which will make me happier, and well yes happier.

after that its all downhill. From what defines happiness and is it that important anyway, down to are we any happier now than we were a 1000 years ago, and then down to what is the purpose of life after all, its just a 1 second journey. Its a journey I've often made, and haven't found it take me anywhere.

So i'm where i started out.. whats the point of it all ? No answers..

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The usual suspects

A rather tight whodunnit - thriller kinds. I quite enjoyed the movie. Some good acting and equally good direction, although perhaps somewhere near the end , you find yourself half guessing the ending.. but that doesn't take anything away from the way even the end has been filmed.

Obtained as usual from the treasure trove of books and movies! Thanks again! :)

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Gaban - Premchand

Just finished the book, and I really liked it.

I haven't read much in hindi, mostly because I never I grew up in very Angrezi environment - english newspaper, english movies, english medium school. Although papa waxed eloquent about hindi, and never quite forgave me for not taking it beyond 8th standard, but thats where things were. Read assorted short stories now and again, and perhaps a novel or two before, but never really picked up the proper hindi environment.

Something I'm trying to remedy now. And this was a pleasant beginning. It was a well written story, was scared that it might be too moralising or full of social issues sans story, but I found it just right. A good story, well written, with just the right mix of the influence of the times. The last 3-4 pages were a bit of a let down, but I guess thats ok.

Now back to completing the short stories which i had left midway.