Sunday, March 30, 2008

Dilli ki nazakat!

The two mythical nawabs are in good ol dilli with their friends.

PN & F- Pehle Nawab & friends
DN & F- Doosre Nawab & friends

PN - Pehle aap
DN - Nahi nahi, pehle aap
PN - are, aisi bhi kya baat hai, Pehle aap
DN - hum to keh hi rahe hain, pehle aap
PN - are nahi ji, mujhe zara jaldi hai, pehle aap.

background - please mind the gap

DN - ab jaldi to yahan sab ko hai, pehle aap peeche hatiye
PN - dekhiye agar aap pehle peeche nahi hatenge to humein dhakka dena padega
DN - pehle chadhne waalon ko peeche hona chahiye, utarne waalon ko utarne deejiye
PN - are ja ja, bada aya niyam banane wala
DN (pushing to get out of the metro)
PN - ( pushing to get into the metro)

background - darwaze se hat ke khade hon

Both groups fall back, the doors close, and thus PN misses train, DN misses stop, and another day in the life of Delhi goes on.

PS - Yes I've been to Delhi again, and yes the same nostalgia, the same rude awakening.

I will never have another "home" , no other city can have those host of memories from school, college, work, friends, decades of life and memories. No other city will have a dozen fm channels in hindi, and soul satisfying chat and gol gappas in every nook and cranny.

But just two years away have weakened me, and I can't stomach it any more, home or no home. I can't stand the people any more, even tho I'm one of them. Yes we are rude, shameless, needlessly pushy, and probably less law abiding than some other city dwellers.


raindrops said...

oh thats hilarious! and so common you need to get out and then back into Delhi to feel its impact isn't it?! But there is something else which i have recently realised - i love meeting people from Delhi outside Delhi! They are fantastic and make for some brilliant conversations! Or maybe its just our common Dilli-ness that builds an instant bond... Kya pata, but its great fun :-)

~~ N ! T ! N ~~ said...

I remember the Delhi vs Banglore debate we were aving in city of joy Kolkata.

Though I agree with most of the things, I think it is hard to characterize a city which is metropolitan city in true sense.

Tess said...

lol yes, i think ours must be one of the few metros in the world which exhorts us to "dhakka na den"

as for meeting people, yes I totally agree! whatever the reason its great fun.

Parag said...

Brilliant post !!
I have the same feelings for Mumbai :)