Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Cabs and Safety

Stayed back at work till 8:30 after a very very long time. Big mistake anyway. Compounded that mistake by asking for company transport. - Yes yes, I wasn't thinking, I should have just manged on my own. And found that being a female, asking for a cab now matters.

That was something which had irritated me when HPs trial by media and society was happening, and I found myself entirely in sympathy with the company. The blame for what happened I feel had little to do with the time and place . Whether it is a late night cab being taken or a maid working in someone's home in broad day light, there are risks we've all learnt to live with. For that matter I think there must be many more rapes which domestic helps have to deal with. But that isn't our middle class media's concern. No sir, the only cases they pick up are when a medical student is the victim, or the good middle class

So what was the result of all this ? I've taken upteen cabs at all times from midnight to dawn. Not something I enjoyed because I hated missing my beauty sleep. But at least I could take them when needed without having to worry about finding a male to accompany me.

Not so any more.

Lessons learnt -
1) if the work didn't get done in regulation hours, it can wait another day
2) if it can't wait, it's better to venture out on one's own, once its done.
3) the media didn't make things better for me, it just made things more difficult.


Niranjan said...

Obviously something was amiss in the transportation provided to you.

In case an organization follows the SC guidelines for providing cab service to employees it would be much more safe. (Read "much more" and not "entirely"). Believe me some organizations do implement... obviously after learning it the hard way.

Tess said...

will discuss it someday, if I say something I might be held in contempt of court ( although contempt is pretty much my emotion for some of these laws)