Sunday, March 30, 2008

Dilli ki nazakat!

The two mythical nawabs are in good ol dilli with their friends.

PN & F- Pehle Nawab & friends
DN & F- Doosre Nawab & friends

PN - Pehle aap
DN - Nahi nahi, pehle aap
PN - are, aisi bhi kya baat hai, Pehle aap
DN - hum to keh hi rahe hain, pehle aap
PN - are nahi ji, mujhe zara jaldi hai, pehle aap.

background - please mind the gap

DN - ab jaldi to yahan sab ko hai, pehle aap peeche hatiye
PN - dekhiye agar aap pehle peeche nahi hatenge to humein dhakka dena padega
DN - pehle chadhne waalon ko peeche hona chahiye, utarne waalon ko utarne deejiye
PN - are ja ja, bada aya niyam banane wala
DN (pushing to get out of the metro)
PN - ( pushing to get into the metro)

background - darwaze se hat ke khade hon

Both groups fall back, the doors close, and thus PN misses train, DN misses stop, and another day in the life of Delhi goes on.

PS - Yes I've been to Delhi again, and yes the same nostalgia, the same rude awakening.

I will never have another "home" , no other city can have those host of memories from school, college, work, friends, decades of life and memories. No other city will have a dozen fm channels in hindi, and soul satisfying chat and gol gappas in every nook and cranny.

But just two years away have weakened me, and I can't stomach it any more, home or no home. I can't stand the people any more, even tho I'm one of them. Yes we are rude, shameless, needlessly pushy, and probably less law abiding than some other city dwellers.

American Gangster

Okish movie, worth a watch. First half drags , but the second half gets back in groove.

Nothing very new or different, it a usual story of drug lord and cop. Funnily enough, there was a scene or two that almost seemed a tribute to bollywood! It helped that it had Russel Crowe and Denzel Washington, two actors I really like.

To be watched when there's an evening to kill, and the only things on TV is news about Sehwag's toothache and Khali's dinner. In such a scenario, HBO/ Star screening this would be worth turning to!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


A sweet little movie. Reminded me somehow of Little miss sunshine and trans america. Perhaps because of the typical american setting.

Good acting by the dame playing Juno.

There's something about these movies..
the humour , sometimes dry, sometimes in your face..
The very very non - indian , not- identifiable setting..
the not so "normal" situations -

and yet something that touches a chord across the cultural divide.

Memoirs of a Geisha - Arthur Golden.

Okish book. Not too many surprises. Disappointing , almost Mills and Boon style ending.

The saving grace was the interesting snippets of life in Japan, not something I've read before.

Cabs and Safety

Stayed back at work till 8:30 after a very very long time. Big mistake anyway. Compounded that mistake by asking for company transport. - Yes yes, I wasn't thinking, I should have just manged on my own. And found that being a female, asking for a cab now matters.

That was something which had irritated me when HPs trial by media and society was happening, and I found myself entirely in sympathy with the company. The blame for what happened I feel had little to do with the time and place . Whether it is a late night cab being taken or a maid working in someone's home in broad day light, there are risks we've all learnt to live with. For that matter I think there must be many more rapes which domestic helps have to deal with. But that isn't our middle class media's concern. No sir, the only cases they pick up are when a medical student is the victim, or the good middle class

So what was the result of all this ? I've taken upteen cabs at all times from midnight to dawn. Not something I enjoyed because I hated missing my beauty sleep. But at least I could take them when needed without having to worry about finding a male to accompany me.

Not so any more.

Lessons learnt -
1) if the work didn't get done in regulation hours, it can wait another day
2) if it can't wait, it's better to venture out on one's own, once its done.
3) the media didn't make things better for me, it just made things more difficult.

Monday, March 10, 2008

The Unwaba Revelations

Some background first - as a genre, this is something I've never liked. The fantasy/ whatever one. I've specially disliked the details of mammoth books like Lord of the Rings, its endless detailing and creating of an alternative reality to do the same done to death good-vs-evil. With imaginary species and silly goals like throwing the ring down the river of fire.

Nevertheless, I loved the first of this trilogy - The Simoquin Prophesies. And I quite liked the second one too. The humour was delicious, specially the references to things typically indian. The story itself was rather interesting, and it was good to see that by the second book, the easy slotting of good and evil itself had blurred.

But I guess it was too good to last. I was bitterly disappointed by the third book - the unwaba revelations. There was such an awful long description of a stupid meaningless battle right in the beginning that I almost left the book mid way, and thats saying a lot. Somehow I fast forwarded past that, and it got slightly better as it went ahead. But overall it was nowhere close to the first two, not half as funny - and as far as I was concerned that meant it had pretty much lost its charm.