Monday, February 04, 2008

The Vintage Bradbury - Ray Bradbury

I had always thought of Ray as science fiction writer. But after reading this collection, I must say that I think horror is a more apt descrition.

His stories are absolutely scintillating. There were some I read years and years ago, and I still remember them distinctly. The fruit at the bottom of the bowl. There will come soft rains. And then a good few ones in this collection as well- The skeleton, Ylla, The small assasin..

But the stories are all rather dark, and gloomy. There are only so many of them that I can read, before they get to me. The sheer horror he manages to evoke in a few pages, with totally novel ideas- a "dying" house, obsession leading to complete madness, contemplating our skeletons as something more.

After a few, I really need a break from the brilliant horror!

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