Thursday, February 14, 2008


Nice movie, great acting. Sort of noirish, so to speak.

I'm not sure that a comic thriller is really an apt description. Specially in the second half , comic is not what would spring to mind very often.

But the cast and their performance is excellent and I'd say the storyline is pretty good as well. It doesn't go down the well trodden easy answers - new guy takes all storyline, the surprises along the way keep the suspense alive.


Amit Kumar said...

There was an interesting interview of Rajat Kapoor on Mithya and life ahead in Hindu. One key statement that he made was "I ll have to start look beyond Ranvir Shorey and Vinay Pathak since they ll soon become stars and too expensive for me". I am guessing this would hold lot of promise for likes Brijendra Kala (Inspector Shyam in Mithya) and Deepak Dobriyal (Rajju in Omkara). Strangely not many female actors come to your mind when it comes to indie movies (Konkona sen has leapfrogged into mainstream). What could be the reason? Saan bahu serials?

veena said...

Then i must see. How come i end up seeing all the wrong movies. Jodha Akbar for instance.

Tess said...

@Amit - yes i guess that duo is well on its way to super stardom. As for the females.. hmmm, thats something to ponder over. possibly they are concentrating all their creative energies in the saas bahu serials. No scripts, no direction.. and i dare say the minimum qualifiers for them are a bit more stringent than the guys !

@Veena - Now thats one movie I'm giving a wide berth just going by the promos! ( not to mention the numerous reviews now)

Guruprasad Kini (Guru) said...

Me, I am waiting for the Moser Baer DVD. (Cheap! Not me - the DVDs)