Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Whine whine whine

I'm sick and tired of this constant whining. Yeh nahi ata, woh nahi ata, i won't do this , this is shitty work, i don't know this, i am perfect and its the system which is killing me.

I don't understand what we software engineers are paid for? I mean people used to starve and work the skin off their backs for a square meal a day, and here we are sitting in luxury having big fat cheques dropped into our accounts and not even TRYING.

For gods sake, surely we can try and think? Is that too much to ask for?

All we want is more salary, more promotions, more this more that, and in return what we want to do in office the whole day long is to sit and watch whether our stock prices are rising or falling.

bloody hell, I think we shouldn't be given any permanent jobs at all, money will only be given when you fix a problem, and no sir, you won't have someone else in the team fixing your problems for you.

I've had enough of this soft industry, I think we need to be shouted at a little more, and learn to get off our asses a whole lot more.


Counting backwards and drinking water..


Guruprasad Kini (Guru) said...

Ah! So you have been blogging full steam while I was sleeping. Good to see that!
Well, software engineers, as I said, prove that Darwin was wrong. What we need is to instill the fear of losing the job (and all credibility). IMHO, it has reached to a point where people know that it is not very difficult to get a job, so they don't give a hoot.
Interestingly, why do you use the term "we" instead of "they"??? Being modest? Or (gulp) have you joined their ranks??? :O

Tess said...

"We" - I think I was always part of the ranks, not one of the extreme specimens who don't try at ALL, but yes, definitely not giving the job its due , and cribbing far too much :)

The difference being, that I realise it and occassionally try !

Rohit said...

you are right...I think this generation doesn't value all it has got