Saturday, December 01, 2007

Skandagiri Trek

Last week we climbed up the little hill in moonlight, and that was a great fun.

Headed out from Bangalore around 11-12 ish at night, started off on the trek about 1:30. It was almost full moon, the weather was perfect and the view beautiful! The trek itself wasn't hard at all, and we reached up in about two and a half hours.

After reaching the top, we did the "complain about the cold" routine as we realised that it was freezing, terribly windy and we had precious little in the way of warm clothing, shelter or heating. Bags were put to ingenious uses as headcaps and extra jackets.

There was also the fiasco of trying to dish up something warm. The small stove for making tea wasn't really a great idea and it didn't help that we managed to forget both the milk and sugar in the car. Strong back tea was prepared with lot of effort and rapidly found to be undrinkable and discarded.

The sun rise was absolutely fabulous. Made the freezing 2 hour wait worth it.

The return down was rapid and uneventful. After partaking the lunch which one of the office gang generously offered, I got back and crashed straight into bed. Woke up only the next morning after 16 hours, thus making sure that I got my full beauty sleep for both Sat and Sun!

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