Sunday, December 16, 2007


has been perfected by me :)

the whole weekend has flown by, and here I am on sunday night at 10, long past my bedtime, wondering why I don't feel like finishing that work, which was due long back and which I MUST finish before arriving in office tomorrow.

But then lots of things are more important than that piece of work:
1) Testing the remote's channel increment and decrement functions
2) Cooking for the first time in months
3) Grocery shopping in advance for things I might need in the next few years.
4) Washing clothes by hand, the washing machine should be given rest occassionally
5) Cleaning out the balcony, why overload the domestic help
6) Finding new blogs and tracing out whats happening in the lives of these people
7) Staring aimlessly into space.
8) Blogging about my non- happening weekend.

Oh no its 10:30!!!!!


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