Monday, December 10, 2007

Calcutta trip

was nice on the whole. Another one of the college gang bites the dust :) It was nice seeing a bong wedding, the conch shells, and womens' cries. The fish shaguns with paan in the mouth. The rather different way of taking the first phera. The interesting headgears of the bride and the groom.

Some things of course I could have done without, but then thats life. Among other things, it reminded me that first instincts are very useful things and should always be trusted.

Also did a bit of bhraman of the city and quite liked it. Seems like a rather nice city with friendly people. The cats are fearless. The crows numerous. Some houses pretty old, with trees growing right out of the walls. The language sounds rather sweet. And things are really cheap, gol gappas, clothes, leather, even property people tell me. Although service levels are no good, much like Bangalore , whether its restaurants or shops, there is no such concept as customer delight. The shopkeeper is king :)


Niranjan said...

A shopkeeper of Kolkata is a "capitalist", infact even if you own a car and drive it on the road... you are close to Uncle Sam. The pedestrian is the king... you can cross the road at your own will on foot.

Tess said...

lol, he doesn't make a good capitalist tho!